the crescent moon above us  - the best of the twilight soundtracks (listen) (take it with you)

The Twilight Series; If they ever remake the series in a few years I’d want it to look like this. An ethereal atmosphere, lots of close ups and nature shots, and a beautiful score.

Twilight scenery

“The red coats are coming. The red coats are coming.”
Breaking Dawn: Part II | Lee Pace as Garrett

Anonymous: Honest question - Is it weird for me to not like Twilight but love Twilight Fanfiction?

Not at all tbh

the thing about this series is that it’s so badly written but the majority of characters who aren’t Edward and Bella are actually really awesome with backstories that are infinitely cooler than the actual plot??? like omg idek Breaking Dawn is the worst book but I love the Jacob section sooo much because WOLFPACK and finally someone other than Bella to view these characters through!! and pretty much every time we went off into backstory lane i was like omg yes let’s do this~~

but yeah my point is there is actually a lot of potential for the twilightverse characters and if you find good fic take it and run

Also i know you all read Growing Up Cullen don’t even lie to me 

more breaking spawn spoilers sry~

OK SO people are saying the wolves who died were Seth and Leah?? lmfao NO


Leah is like the best character in this whole series never over how fucked up her storyline is

HEY MAN my boyfriend is gonna turn into a werewolf and not tell me about it and then he’s gonna fall in love with my cousin when he firsts sees her that’s totally gr8 for my emotional well being and then oh hey my dad is gonna die but no one is going to tell me how all my friends are keeping secrets from me until OH SHIT IM A WEREWOLF TOO except all the other werewolves don’t like me because I’m a girl and we have a hive mind so now I literally have no privacy whatsoever and hey guess what they all hate me because IM STILL NOT OVER THAT TIME MY BOYFRIEND RANDOMLY STOPPED CARING ABOUT ME but hey it’s okay he just imprinted on her I guess when I imprint on someone it’ll all be good OH WAIT I CAN’T IMPRINT BECAUSE IM A GIRL and I can’t have babies either!! because I’m a ~warrior~ and supernatural women don’t get to have babies oh no thanks for that stephenie meyer’s gross motherhood hangups oh look my little brothers a werewolf too oh hey the pack is splitting apart I’m gonna go join the pack where I’m not hated for not doing a single thing wrong OH WAIT JACOB HATES ME FOR NO REASON AS WELL how awesome

and you’re telling me that in an ending with a battle she would d i e