top five asoiaf moments


  1. The Red Wedding - an obvious answer, I know, but jesus can anything beat the most horrific yet brilliantly written chapter ever??? The whole thing is so atmospheric and creepy and it leaves you feeling sick to your stomach and makes you react, which is what all good fiction should do imo. I was completely unspoiled and did not see it coming, which was even more fantastic(ally horrible).
  2. Venegeance. Justice. Fire and Blood. - THE MARTELLS HAVE A PLANNNNN Y’ALL omg i screamed so loud when I read that because holy jesus when they call Dorne a nest of vipers THEY ACTUALLY MEAN A NEST OF VIPES and i love those sandy bitches like no other WAIT TILL THEY COME FOR ALL YOUR WESTEROS GET THE FUCK READYYYYYY
  3. Sansa’s final ASOS chapter - building Winterfell, Littlefinger being cray, that final scene with Lysa - so fucking aweeesome. My favourite Sansa chapter by far and I love them all so that’s saying something.
  4. We should all totally stab the Lord Commander! - because FUCK YOU BOWEN MARSH, THAT’S WHY. Another thing I definitely did not see coming!
  5. Sing for your life - one of the most beautiful scenes of the whole series imo. I know everyone and their grandmother has an opinion on Sansa/Sandor (me included) and that this scene is controversial at best, but at the end of the day it’s always been, to me, two people who are in the middle of this mess of a country and war and battle and they’re lost and scared and trying to hold on to something and they find a comfort in one another and that is truly something.

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE THOUGH OH MY GOD. The Kingsmoot, Cersei II (which I will never be able to read again holy fuck), Ned’s beheading, Joffrey’s wedding, Dany and the dragons - and then again at Astapor… I could go on 4evs really.