What do you think of the decision to make Wickham into an abuser?

I think that the basis of it is there in the original text, and since they’ve fleshed out Lydia in lbd it makes a lot of sense for the Lydia/Wickham storyline to properly explore a dynamic other than “Lydia is ~flighty~ and is sucked in by Wickham’s charm” because that does not at all do her justice

but at the same time I find the videos incredibly difficult to watch. Seeing Lydia literally fading and Wickahm pushing his influence and emotionally abusing her and knowing that no one in her family is bothered enough to even watch her videos to know what’s going on is fucking terrible tbqh

  1. allshallfade said: They are physically painful to watch.
  2. outpour said: SO HARD TO WATCH. ugh
  3. alwayspapadouche said: YES. all of this.
  4. nikitaduncan said: he’s austen’s greatest villain
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