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i may legally be an “”“adult”“” but i will never like wine ever and that’s just the way it’s gonna be

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    I could be a 900+ year old Time Lord and I still wouldn’t like wine
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    dude, whaaaa? Sweet white wine is the best thing ever. It’s like alcoholic fruit candy.
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    I love wine. More wine for me. Nobody touch my wine.
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  18. everythingis19 said: Not even sweet bubbly practically-champagne wine that tastes like grape juice? (I feel the same way about beer, and I live in Germany.)
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    i may legally be an “”“adult”“” but i will never like wine ever and that’s just the way it’s gonna be
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  27. thelake said: I absolutely, completely and 100% feel you, my friend. It tastes like rotten paper.
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    and i’m french.
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