how the fuck did you set yourself on fire???


i was in the kitchen starting dinner and i lit my stove (it’s a gas stove) and somehow the flame caught on to my shirt

and so my shirt caught fire and so i tried to like pat it out but it wouldn’t go out and then it was spreading and then i was on fire 

and i screamed and ran outside (the door was open??? LUCK) and my brother was out there and he threw water on me and i rolled around on the ground and then i wasn’t on fire anymore

then i had to go to the hopsital and they gave me drugs and gauze and hypafix and shit and now i have all these burns on my torso/arm and it’s 

not a fun situation to be in

  1. icecreamtornado said: jfc, I’m glad you’re okay. Dem ol’ gas stoves… :/
  2. fanlore said: LOLOLOL APRIKI EVERDEEN.
  3. confunded said: wow girl on fire that sounds fucking terrifying!!!!
  4. neeblack said: that must have been fucking terrifying. i’m glad you are okay and i hope it heels well.
  5. danielfaraday said: i’m glad you didn’t die/burn worse than you did/lose your hair. but god that is gonna be a great story 10 years from now.
  6. charliecaulfield said: OH MY GOD! I HOPE YOU HEAL ALRIGHT OMG
  7. smeagols said: omg that’s terrifying but I can’t help but laugh at ‘apriki everdeen’ omfg
  8. margaerystyrells said: oh fuck why am i the only one laughing………………….
  9. melisandre replied:
  10. pink-starbursts said: that’s intense. .___. but for future reference don’t run, running makes the fire spread quicker because of oxygen catching it.
  11. sierramarinara said: I’m so glad you are alright! That’s so scary oh my god D:
  12. morismako said: oh god! D: *carefully hugs you*
  13. lakemermaids said: OMG THAT IS LIKE MY WORST FEAR!!! I never turn on the gas oven because of it…
  14. shixunnies1 said: oh my god that sounds terrible but I’m happy that you’re okay now D:
  15. spiritsanimals said: Hope you feel better soon =/