tifffyweasley replied to your post: What was the worst part of the Glee Michael Jackson episode?

Okay, you’re getting on my nerves. Just because you don’t like Glee doesn’t mean you have to rag on it all the time. Bitch.


  1. friendsiamgone said: Lmfao! Someone sounds pressed.
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  3. lizayzay said: honestly?
  4. jovysaurus said: I don’t understand why someone who likes Glee would ask someone who doesn’t like Glee their opinion of the show….what a daft mother fucker
  5. ddardstark said: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you clearly don’t like their opinion, unfollow them. Simple as fucking that. You don’t have to make things worse by hating on them. Goodness. People, these days.
  6. blueherobh said: lol this reminds me of a few months back after you posted your opinion on L&O SVU and I wrote in your ask something along these lines, but I’ve realized how stupid that was and it’s amusing seeing others act the same way.
  7. confunded said: oh that gif was too big. oop.
  8. herrissyvoo said: Did they forget the part where someone asked you about it..
  9. sirblack said: oh tifffy
  10. gingerrogerss said: L O L
  11. cosirna said: lmao it’s funny because i’m pretty sure the actual glee fandom hates glee as much as you do? except the finchel-shipping twilight fans i guess
  12. twomessages said: HEY MC. BITCH.
  13. nikitaduncan said: oh my god. are you kidding me? your reply wasn’t even rude. it was more sarcastic, silly. LOL
  14. queenryukomatoi said: but it deserves it. i mean, have you SEEN the show?
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