• do americans/anyone besides australia have athletics and swimming carnivals?
  • this one day where your whole school hauls ass to a pool/track field and races to compete for zone
  • but only like a handful of people do it and everyone else just hangs around in the grandstand eating junk food from the canteen
  • in fact, did y’all have sports houses?
  • like, the whole school would be split up alphabetically into four “houses” for sports events, which would compete to win?
  • i get the feeling that you don’t
  • i have never seen it on tv and tv is clearly fact, so

  1. auditory-discrimination said: nope, we dont. We have a field day, but that’s mainly for elementary aged kids.
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    Oh athletics carnivals. The only time where I got to do shotput in which I was pretty good, and discus, which is...
  4. abaisse said: We have Track and Field day, but it’s more of a fun day than anything. We do three-legged races and tug of war.
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  6. parrotworm said: filipino reply: we have intramurals! it’s inter-batch competition and a bunch of sports are involved, but the main events are volleyball and cheerdancing (i go to an all-girls private school, lol). it’s pm freshmen vs sophomores vs juniors vs seniors
  7. fanaticat said: american reply: we totally had “field day” in middle school…but it was for like all county middle schools, but they didn’t bus the whole school only those who competed. it was at my school so we all got out of class to go and bake in the hot sun.
  8. acrossthenarrowseat said: New Zealand has all’o’that. Trans-Tasman bros 4 life
  9. rulu said: FIELD DAY but that was in elementary school. There’re 2 teams and we do tug of war and things. There is free water! In Japan they have Taiiku no Hi which is basically Field Day and idk what they do because I wasn’t paying attention during that lesson
  10. christ-onabike said: lmfao in America we have SOME schools where uniforms are required, and even when there isn’t a required uniform, there’s still strict dress codes (i.e. not what you see on TV)
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  12. summonersarah said: no we don’t have that (none of my schools ever had a pool either) but we did have field day. usually everyone had to compete.
  13. kimeriko said: singapore does! and that thing about hanging around eating junk food is v. accurate.
  14. iheardavoice said: The UK do. In my school, we had 5, we weren’t divided alphabetically, but siblings tended to be in the same House. Wel had House Music/Drama (alternating each year) and various House sports (netball, hockey etc), sports day itself and House Swimming.
  15. fujiidom said: field day! we got ribbons. but it was everyone for themselves, well, besides grades. similar ages competed against similar ages.
  16. shineoncindi said: YES! england do ^.^ well, we did at my school cause we were a grammar school, idk about other schools…
  17. stolencoffee said: oh swimming carnivals the joy of watching others compete while we consume hot chips and lollies. so accurate. GO Amaryllis! yeah our houses were flowers yo.
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    I’m English and we had Sports Day every year which I guess is the same thing. Athletics, jumps, etc. In high school...
  19. beckyyuy said: Depending on the school, like mine, we have an athletic competition with different games during homecoming week where each grade has several students compete against each other for spirit points And more and more schools are wearing uniforms now too
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    Actually we had houses, and we had like three different cups I think: Drama, Sport and Music. I hated it. It was not...
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  22. toewseh said: canaaadaaaaa we have track meets :)
  23. haunteduhouse said: in elementary school we have a sort of tournament where its class vs class in each grade and there’s like 3-4 diff classes per grade. in my hs we had a week of grade vs grade games of bball, capture the flag, volleyball…
  24. margaerystyrells said: lmfao america is saa boring and omg at your tags HOW DO YOU TAG APRIKI HOW
  25. unchauntlucet said: happens in Bulgaria
  26. kpossibles said: My high school (US) had assemblies for musicals/plays and they’d perform a song/scene (we had a big budget for theater department) Don’t have your sports thing though. Our homecoming was very casual though (you could wear jeans)
  27. thedragonqueen said: i’m from canada and we did that in elementary school
  28. rabidhoneybadger said: we do that in Mexico (exept for the “houses” part, ppl have to volunteer); we dont have it in Canada
  29. duperyy said: my elementary school did a “field day” with things like tug of war and races and junk. it was mandatory.
  30. leaveatrail said: In the UK we have ‘Sports Day’ every year in which your class compete with the rest of the classes in your year in Athletcis, Swimming etc. And when you’re in primary its egg&spoon races & sack races & bean bag tossing.
  31. snakejuiced said: At our school (in the UK) we had 8 houses, not split alphabetically, and we’d compete for our house in EVERYTHING.We had sports every term, and a notice board display, and sports day in the summer. Marlborough Massive fo lyfe, yo
  32. turnmyturntable said: In Canada, we had something like sports houses in elementary school. We called it sports day. It was awesome. Not in high school though.
  33. westwicks said: My high school (in the US) had “advisee games” which was the students and teachers of each advisee group (it was like 12 groups of 12) went to a park and did tons of random ass competitions (but I just sat on my ass and ate) so yeah.
  34. rainbowbright said: I used to tell my parents I’d run away if they tried to send me to a school where you had to wear uniforms. Lol.