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August 26 2014
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next year, outlander is gonna be at the emmys.


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August 24 2014
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oh lmao you started the raven boys i'm so sorry welcome to hell. what are your fave characters, your theories etc? let it all out

I JUST FINISHED THE DREAM THIEVES AND WOW. FUCKING W O W MAN shoutout to everyone who recommended these books to me and DIDN’T GIVE A WARNING OR ANYTHING y’all need JESUS

Fave character i’ll give you three guesses lmao it’s RONAN i’m a MESS this hulk of freaking grief and passion and daddy issues with his pet DREAM RAVEN BIRD because THAT’S normal also he’s a middle child and middle children characters are everything to me and okay like HIS FUCKING LOYALTY TO GANSEY. SHOOT ME RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW how they think of/call eachother ‘brother’ ALL THE TIME GO AWAY he moved ronan into his weird manufacturing bachelor pad he saved him from being expelled RONAN SUBTLY SLIDING IN FRONT OF GANSEY WHENEVER THERE’S TROUBLE BREWIN it’s just rude and uncalled for, frankly.

and okay hahahha RONAN AND KAVINSKY WHAT THE HELL basically summed this up on twitter like seriously:


THEY ARE LEGIT A LANA DEL REY SONG IT’S RIDICULOUS like the bit where kavinsky makes like a handgun and holds it to ronan’s temple and is like ‘i’m going to burn you alive. I am going to destroy you. And then you will finally know, why storms are named after people’ like SURE buddy OKAY you fucking third verse of eminem’s ‘stan’ lunatic go and sleep it off in your fleet of inferiority complex mitsubishis i can’t believe you


and okay everyone else BLUE AND GANSEY GANSEY AND BLUE if they burn any slower they’ll actually be going backwards in their relationship i’m smh YOU COULD CUT THE SEXUAL TENSION IN HERE WITH A KNIFE and when blue is drinking mint tea and calla is like ‘ahhahah MINT tea hey it’s so MINTY hey isn’t it weird that GANSEY chews MINT leaves’ (sidebar: HOW WEIRD IS IT THAT HE CHEWS MINT LEAVES like they make fifty different fucking types of gum in america wake up dick 3!!!! Is this a rich people thing??????? I refuse to believe this walking presidental nominee waters a plant and keeps it thriving) or when gansey is on the boat and it’s like ‘oh a girl in a bikini ok i guess’ and then ‘BLUE YOU’RE FULLY CLOTHED BUT ALL WET I CAN’T LOOK AT YOU IT’S TOO MUCH I’M BLUSHING’ like oh man, you got it so bad. You have got it so bad. It’s so great. You want to kiss her like crazy, i love it. But when you kiss her you’re gonna die and i love that too, i love it all, give it all to me, i live on this, i am THRIVING

okay and haha LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT DEATH oh man i’m looking forward to it so much it’s gonna be so fucked up (we’re all pretty sure on book 4 being gansey’s book right? RIGHT) and i’m so excitedddd it’s gonna be the culmination of all their dynamics and tensions (and how good is that ronan/adam interlude in the premonition/vision when you think about them TOTALLY DATING at the time) IT’S GONNA RULE. And we’re all pretty clear on them using the raven king’s wish to bring gansey back, dragon ball style yeah? Or like sacrificing the ley line’s energy or something whatever to bring him back IT’S GONNA HAPPEN. I thought about maybe him becoming like a specter like noah is or something but i don’t want that to happen because then he’ll be stuck on the ley line forever and like blue pretty clearly wants to travel/have her ”something more” and they’re ~true love~ so they’re most likely gonna stay together u no. Actually how awkward would it be if they kissed and…. nothing happened like ‘oh whoops guess i was wrong we’re not true love lmao let’s go neck in your camaro’

Don’t know what to heck is up with Blue’s dad (is he the raven king? Is Raven Symone the raven king?????? ITS THE FUTURE SHE CAN SEE from her creepy DEATH TREE) or the ”’grey man”’ who was literally like ‘sup i’m a killer i hurt people. all the time. as my profession’ and they were just like WELCOME TO THE FAMILY HAVE SOME TEA like y’all need to read your fuckin tarot cards and find some goddamn SENSE think of the children

But yes it has been an emotional weekend reading these books. I enjoyed them far more than I thought I would (I put off reading them because I didn’t like Maggie Stiefvater’s Wolves of Snore Falls series AT ALL), and the whole thing has a really awesome southern gothic/secret history but less fatalistic vibe around it. Also the character’s personalities are so well drawn and frank and i LOVE that, I hate when there are characters in ya that just fulfill a stock role or are meant for the reader to project themselves onto. Also HOW AWESOME IS THE WELSH/CELTIC MYTHOLOGY you NEVER SEE THAT in books it’s always greek or egyptian (which of course are awesome and i love as well) and it’s just so cool omg. I also love the parallels/allusions to king arthur’s court and the holy grail search because omgggg (ronan and adam as gwaine and galahad oh my gooodddd, gansey as hubristic ambitious wild charismatic arthur oh my goddddd, blue as the lady of the laKE OH MY GOD) YEAH THIS SERIES IS A LOT

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