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teen wolf for the fandom meme!

1. Favorite one-off episode

hmm… I really loved ‘Party Guessed’, I thought it was a really clever insight into the character’s minds and their insecurities. The b-plot in the episode uses derek’s pack pretty well too and i like how the episode focuses on the core cast/main kids specifically. i also really loved 1x11, the formal episode - like i remember watching thaat wayyy back when it first aired and it was like PETER IS THE ALPHA? PETER IS THE ALPHA! OH GOD LYDIA???? OH GOD SCOTT AND ALLISON OH GODDDDDD and like THAT REVEAL, allison in the bus scott on the cars chris screaming HER HORRIFIED FACE EVERTHING HAPPENING IN THIS SICKENING SLOW MOTION it was AWESOME and tbh that two part finale is still the best this show has ever done 

2. Favorite villain

Ugh I DONT KNOW. the nogitsune? victoria argent? definitely NOT gerard, peter or deucalion. i feel like the kanima arc was the best written of the villains (though i have no love for matt), but the nogitsune and victoria were probably the most compelling, for me. I like it when the villains have goals of their own and not just ME ANGRY, ME ATTACK BEACON HILLS HOSPITAL, you know? Also i still dont understand why they didnt just make kali the alpha of the alpha pack and have jennifer be their emissary, it makes SO much more sense and the actual flow of the storyline would not be impacted at all except for the removal of basic bitch DEMON WOOOOOLD deucalion. why, jeff davis/?? why so many things.

3. Least favorite “main character”

This is one of the rare shows where I actually like all of the main characters. The one I like LEAST (excluding peter, who i dont think of as a “main” character) is probably derek, and even then only because THE SHOW DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIM. Like i don’t think I have seen a less consistent character in my LIFE - he’s here, he’s there, he’s an alpha wait no he’s not, his family is alive no theyre not wait some are wait theyre gone, he hates scott he loves scott he owns a loft with no furniture that people seem to use solely for raves and supernatural showdowns? like DECIDE HIS ROLE IN THE SHOW PLEASE JESUS. And I would really love for them to address the body autonomy issues around Derek’s character because he is just used time and time again, against his will, buy other people and it’s really fucked up? I also feel like there are a lot of parallels between him and Lydia and I’d like for that to be explored (along with pretty much every other lydia relationship, actually).

4. Favorite “sidekick” 

Dont think this is really a ‘sidekick’ show? Like the obvious answer is Stiles but his role as a deuteragonist has been pretty throroughly explored and deconstucted in the show (not to mentioni making a bigger role for Dylan because he’s obviously got the acting chops to carry intense scenes/arcs). I guess I would say Danny? He’s pretty consistently awesome no matter what and the show would be very smart to make an even bigger role for him than they already have. Also his relationship with Jackson was pretty great and i miss it.

5. Character you love to hate. 

Im gonna say Kate Argent. Like I think she’s terrible, what she did to Derek and the Hales is terrible, but as a villain she is FASCINATING and like there is so much behind her character - pretty explicitly male archetype villain that’s combined with a femme fatale and bundled up in a zealot with obvious parental issues who was indoctrinated into a warrior sect she was expected to LEAD pretty much from birth. If the show actually does it right and starts pulling at these things now that she’s back (i can’t stand gerard but oh my god GIVE ME KATE/GERARD SCENES PLEASE WEREWOLF JESUS PLEASE. what is their dynamic like? does he manipulate her like he did allison? Exactly how toxic was it Growning Up Argent?) I have really high hopes for season 4, 

6. Favorite friendship

Even though it really smacks of ‘these are our two female leads, let’s make them best friends BECAUSE’, i really loved allison and lydia’s friendship. The support and genuine affection between them was really nice to see and I’ll miss it a lot tbh. The other obvious one is Scott and Stiles, and I really like their friendship too - it defintely had remained the centrepoint of the show, in my mind.

7. Friendship that never felt real to you. 

ok we all remember the fucking weird jackson/allison vibes right? like there was that one episode where he ~got close to her just to piss scott off but like, i always felt there was more to it on his side but i couldnt tell if it was like I LIKE YOU or IM GONNA TOY WITH YOU PSYCHOLOGICALLY and it still creeps me out to this day what the hell jackson

8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character 

There’s not really anyone besides Stiles? But like I do love him, regardless. I would hope that the show is going to explore the fallout from him being, you know, possessed and psychologically tormented to the point of suicidal ideation but this is teen wolf i’m sure they’re not going to, thanks jeff

9. Least favorite villain 

DEUCALION/GERARD TAG TEAM i just don’t give a fucking shit about power hungry white dude stock villains and I never will, be better than this show you can do so much better

10. Least favorite season long storyline

Taking 3a and 3b as separate, the Alpha Pack for sure. HOTTEST MESS I HAVE EVER SEEN, pointless characters introduced and then killed off like an episode later and yet still somehow the cast was bloated, the core kids floudnering/not doing plot relevant stuff for SO MANY episodes, shakey as hell arc that could’ve been so much better (see: remove deucalion, make jennifer emissary for the alpha pack), THE TRASH HOT MESS THAT WAS THE FLASHBACK EPISODE, i could go on

11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc. 

How to pick? Allison was done so wrong and that’s still smarting, but probably the most glaringly obvious to me is Lydia. This show hardly EVER does right by her and it’s so frustrating because she is an aamzing character and there is so much to explore through her and her role in the show. Let’s have her exploring the extent of her powers, claiming them for HERSELF? Let’s have a proper addressing of the way Peter violated her and not have it just brushed off as comedy? Let’s have a proper storyline for her and not just use her as a plot device for whatever crisis of the week is happening? SHE IS A FANTASTIC CHARACTER, WORK HARDER TO DESERVE HER, SHOW.

12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them. 

I don’t try to like him but - Gerard. Awful, awful, awful. And no matter how much the SHOW wants me to like him, I ain’t about that Peter Hale life, He is not nearly as funny or as clever as Jeff Davis thinks he is and the only way I want him to be a part of the endgame is so that Scott and Lydia can joint unmake him (SCOTT/LYDIA PARALLEL CREATION BECOMING ARCS, TALK TO ME ABOUT IT I HAVE MANY THOUGHTS) and kill him so thoroughly that he actually stays dead. Make it happen.

13. Plot device used too much


14. Best character death scene

Oooh, I don’t know. Maybe Victoria? Not because it was GOOD, I didn’t /want/ her to die, but I’m about that fucked up emotional devastation and chris DID THE DIRTY HIMSELF JUST AS HER EYES WENT YELLOW IT MUCH SO MUCH FRIENDS IT WAS A LOT. And like, that hospital scene straight after. Harrowing - the most emotional scene the show’s ever done, imo. (Closely followed by THAT motel califoria scene. you know.)

15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.

lmao this is the teen wolf theme didn’t you know? But I will go with JACKSON. Oh Jackson. I am convinced that Jeff had big plans for Jackson - you don’t start that kind of setup in season ONE for it to end with a giant lizard plotline and that’s just real. In fact I’m surprised that they didnt just recast him? And I feel like the show would be better for it, idk. There was a lot of unexplored potential there. (Also, I would’ve really liked an explanation as to why his eyes were blue? LLike yeah he killed people as the kanima but he wasn’t actually IN CONTROL OF HIS BODY and it just screams of victim blaming iT STILL BOTHERS ME)

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what do you have against chris martin

absolutely nothing

and i’m very sorry his marriage didn’t work out

it’s just like, things are so complicated, you know? it’s such a shame for them to part. nobody said it was easy, but like - nobody said it would be this hard? i wish we could just, like, go back to start

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