top 6 best and worst survivor seasons (bonus: top 6 survivor players)

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6 best survivor seasons

  1. HEROES VS VILLAINS - I HAVE A BUFF FROM THIS SEASON (its the villains tribe. im so fond) AND IT WILL REMAIN THE GREATEST UNTIL SOMETHING UNSEATS IT WHICH IS PRETTY UNLIKELY TBH. it’s not a season i’d recommend starting with because it’s all returning players but omg. THE SCHEMES. THE PLOTS. THE ATTEMPTED HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL PASSOVER. THE BLINDSIDES omg there was not ONE boring episode and even the challenges were all really interesting to watch?? it was the 20th season so they really rolled out the big guns and oh man WAS IT WORTH IT.
  2. Fans vs Favourites 1 - THE BLACK. WIDOW. BRIGADE. omg the move they pulled with erik will never NOT BE FUNNY THEY GOT HIM TO GIVE UP IMMUNITY OH MAN OH MANNNN and yeah i’m not that big on amanda? she’s kind of really boring but PARVATI AND CIRIEEEE and hahaha shit ozzy’s tribal council speech it was so CRINGEWORTHY I WAS LITERALLY SLIDING DOWN MY SEAT IN EMBARASSMENT
  3. Cook Islands - i really love when they have like a ~theme and the shipwreck part of this season was kind of a throwback to the piratical stuff in pearl islands and it was SO COOL. Definitely the best water challenges and YUL OH MAN YULLLL I LOVE YOUR WORK MAN and omg remember when one tribe went off exploring and STUMBLED INTO THE OTHER TRIBE’S CAMP LMFAO SHIT also i fell in love out here, jeff. her name is candace
  4. Tocantins - tocantins is actually A REALLY GREAT SEASON. bit of a different setting (not on an island/the ocean, which they rarely do), and both tribes pre-merge are interesting and omg THE ALLIANCES. JALAPAO THREE SLAYIN IT WHEN YOU DON’T EXPECT THEM TO AT ALL it was so much fun to watch? also coach, wow. coach.
  5. All Stars - BOSTON ROB AND AMBUH THE GREAT ROMANCE OF OUR TIME a classic and the height of the survivor early-2000’s zenith. i actually remember watching this as a little kid? THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT THIS SEASON WAS OH MAN. Some really awesome challenges and as the first season with returning players (many of whom were friends ~outside the game~) the alliances/breaking of promises and subsequent final tribal confrontations were VICIOUS. LIKE SERIOUSLY VICIOUS some of the most brutal i’ve seen (including when brenda demanded dawn TAKE HER TEETH OUT WHAT THE HELL THE HELL SURVIVOR)
  6. Oooh, I could give this to so many. Borneo? Australia (SKUPIN FELL IN THE FIYAHHH)? Philippines??? Samoa? I think I’ll go with China, because I really loved the storylines for most of the contestants (bar amanda, cause like. babe. please) and the winner WAS SO DESERVING I WAS REALLY SATISFIED. also this is probably the season that does best with incorporating the culture of its location and they had some of the best challenges and rewards (SHAOLIN TEMPLE) of any season imo. also IVE GOT TWO IDOLS

6 worst

  1. One World - snore
  2. SEASON 22 REDEMPTION ISLAND - like i love Boston Rob A LOT but this was not an interesting season and the redemption island concept sucks
  3. Nicaragua - any location with SLOTHS is an automatic negative and this season was not very fun
  4. Thailand - what even happened in this season?
  5. Guatemala - uneventful
  6. South Pacific - not awful but not nearly as good as other seasons

6 best players

  3. YUL
  4. Russell Hantzzzz
  5. Sandra 
  6. Probably Hatch lmao

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"What did you do that for?" I asked curiously. 

"What?" he said, straightening up and wiping his face on his sleeve. He felt the split lip gingerly, wincing slightly.

"Offer to take that girl’s punishment for her. Do you know her?" I felt a certain diffidence about asking, but I really wanted to know what lay behind that quixotic gesture.

"I ken who she is. Havena spoken to her, though."

"Then why did you do it?" He shrugged, a movement that also made him wince.

"It would have shamed the lass, to be beaten in Hall. Easier for me."

"Easier?" I echoed incredulously, looking at his smashed face. He was probing his bruised ribs experimentally with his free hand, but looked up and gave me a one-sided grin.

"Aye. She’s verra young. She would ha’ been shamed before everyone as knows her, and it would take a long time to get over it. I’m sore, but no really damaged; I’ll get over it in a day or two."

"But why you?" I asked. He looked as though he thought this an odd question.

"Why not me?" he said. 

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i’ve been reading outlander, and it is consuming my life


i’ve been reading outlander, and it is consuming my life

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But I suppose we all play parts.

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