where do you go to find makeup inspiration? sidenote: how are you liking the naked 3 palette?

I AM LOVING NAKED 3 SO MUCH, the rose undertones are sooo nice, they go well with heaps of the shades in naked 2!! i wore it (dust. liar and mugshot specifically, i love the names ud gives their products) the other day with my bronze maybelline colour tattoo (if you don’t have a few of these, you def should get them!! They’re a cream-based eyeshadow that work as a base, a blend or by themselves I LOVE THEM) and IT WAS SUCH A FUCKING LOOK. LIKE IT WAS SO LEGIT I was only going out to like, the shops but STILL

The internet is honestly the best thing that has happened for makeup in like forever, probably. Can you imagine the only source of information on beauty products being, like, the local avon lady? Picture walking up to her house and being like 'so i was wondering if you could teach me how to perfect my cat eye?' 'how do i figure out the undertone colour of my skin?' 'curling or volumising mascara?' She would eat you alive. But now we can all browse make up blogs and youtube tutorials, learning the basics no one ever actually teaches you, in the safety of anonymity and I think that’s really beautiful.

But yes ANYWAY having said that, I live in Australia and like, it is not the promised land, friends. I don’t have a sephora or an ulta down the strip mall or whatever, a lot of brands either aren’t sold (URBAN DECAY, IT’S A FUCKING TRAVESTY) or are crazy expensive (IS MAC FOR FUCKING MILLIONAIRES???????? DO I HAVE TO SELL A KIDNEY TO BUY NARS), so I can’t be looking at all these us-based beauty blogs that are like 'oh yeah use the ysl quad palette in Trust Fund Fushia and finish with make up for ever setting spray that is illegal on your continent and you're done' LIKE. I think powderdoom are really cool (their ask tag has so much info) and I like temptalia as well. I have pinterest too and there’s lots of cool boards over there (I did this diy scrub i saw on pinterest and i’m not gonna front, it was alright!!! those mums and Professional Bloggeurs know whats good!!).

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