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August 28 2014
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belrowley Asked
miccaeli i have a serious question for u is outlander everything you dreamed it would be

Hmm… I’ve been thinking about this and it’s actually kind of a hard question to answer lmao. Like when they announced the show, apart from just being excited it was being MADE after all this time, it was kind of hard for me to think about how I wanted it to be adapted/what I would’ve liked to see because the show is all the way back at the start of the narrative and so much has happened in the story since then, if that makes sense? Like it was weird trying to conceptualise how I wanted to see 23 year old Jamie being portrayed when I’m used to thinking about 45yo Jamie, you know. So I haven’t really gone into the show with much expectation, beyond wanting it to stay true to the nature of the who the characters are and the overall tone of the story.

And like, I know we’re only three episodes in but the show has really gone above and beyond any wishes I had for it. Like I was fully prepared for there to be chopping and changing to the story (it’s a different medium, things have to change, I dig that), or for a casting to not work right, or for the actual cinematography to be a let down, WHATEVER STARZ THREW AT ME, I WAS READY. But it’s just so GOOD? Like there is nothing better than seeing people who haven’t read the books reblogging or posting stuff about this show and talking about how much they like it, how much they love Jamie and Jamie/Claire, like IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY because the show is so true to the feel of the book and who the characters are so it’s really just watching people becoming enchanted the same way I was when I first read the series? And I love that the show is doing that, it’s more than I could have ever asked for.

They’re a bit less subtle in the show than in the books (the Geillis stuff springs to mind), but I get that, because it’s a show and they have to work with a visual medium and not a written one. I LOVE the extra flashbacks they give us - the one with teenage Claire!!! We NEVER see stuff about her life pre-marriages so it was like an awesome little insight, and that was really cool. I was a little suprised they didn’t include little Roger in the first episode? But I mean they’re obviously going to bring him in eventually so I’m not too concerned.

But yeah, honestly I don’t think they could’ve cast this show better. Like Sam is SO GOOD as Jamie, he’s so charming and lovable and so obviously in love with Claire already lmao HE PLAYS HIM SO WELL AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN TO THE GOOD STUFF OR THE ANGSTY STUFF HOW AM I GONNA HANDLE? And Caitriona is amazing too - like she is CARRYING this show. She’s in every scene and she just nails Claire’s personality and gumption and even the like weird way she’s got the hots for Jamie but convincing herself she’s not IT’S JUST SUCH A GOOD ADAPTION I NEVER HOPED FOR SOMETHING THIS GREAT

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August 26 2014
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next year, outlander is gonna be at the emmys.