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omg do hunger games

1. Favorite scene of the series.

Probably the scene where Katniss is looking at Peeta’s drawings and sees the one of herself in silver because like WOW, WOW, YOU TAKE THIS SHIV AND YOU PUT IT IN MY HEART AND IT HURTS SO MUCH BUT IM SMILING BUT IT HURTS and like, as much as Mockingjay is the hottest of hot messes, the Katniss/Peeta Hamlet/Ophelia realness is probably my favourite thing in the series idek their relationship/joint arc is so complex and flips so many ya relationship conventions and gender norms on its head and i love it and them so much soooo much

2. Favorite villain

Probably the Careers - if they can be counted as ‘villains’. MORE ON THIS LATER~

3. Least favorite “main character”

I don’t consider him a “main character” really but, like. Gale. More on this in #12

4. Favorite “sidekick”

Again, not really a sidekick series? As far as secondary characters go, I pretty much like them all - Finnick and Annie would probably be my favourites.

5. Character you love to hate.

CAREERS LET’S TALK ABOUT THE CAREERS. Child soldiers literally raised to fight and DIE in the games and told that it’s the only thing that matters, only to get into the arena and realise how precious their lives are and how they’ve been wasted by their parents and society just before they die ITS SO FUCKED UP IT IS LITERALLY THE MOST TRAGIC THING and i looooved the extra Careers stuff in the movies because like, THESE KIDS PROBABLY GREW UP TOGETHER AND TRAINED TOGETHER AND THEY BAND TOGETHER KNOWING FULL WELL THEY’RE ALL GONNA TRY AND KILL EACH OTHER IN THE END let’s talk about Clove/Cato let’s talk about how hopeful they must have been when the Capitol said a pair of tributes could live LETS TALK

6. Favorite friendship

HAYMTICH/KATNISS/PEETA MESSED UP VICTORS IS EVERYTHING TO ME TBH. I love their relationship so much and how theyre like, I CARE ABOUT U SO MUCH IM SO MAD ABOUT IT because there is that connection there of being the only people who understand what it’s like to survive the games and even though they resent that connection and the suffering it’s caused, they’re obviously really glad to have each other and to be able to support one another? And like that just goes double for Haymitch who has had to mentor these kids for years and years just to watch them die, and then suddenly get this pair that not only both survive but like START AN ENTIRE REVOLUTION and he’s been pretty much not caring about anyone for like, 20 years and then suddenly TWO REALLY DUMB DANGER PRONE KIDS HE CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE katniss and haymitch taking their pain over losing peeta out on each other is so much it is SO MUCH

7. Friendship that never felt real to you.

Look. You know that kid you’re best friends with when you’re little, and you run around together and you make mud pies and you hang out at each others houses, but then you get to high school and you make other friends and the old friend doesn’t and they get real fuckin whiny, and real fuckin angsty, and you end up not inviting them to your bowling alley birthday party and they get really upset and tell your mum, and then the two of you never talk again but because you live in the same town you still see each other sometimes and make awkward eye contact before looking away and pretending it never happened? That it Gale and Katniss.

8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character


9. Least favorite villain

I really feel like in this series - and in most dystopias, tbh - the villains are really underdeveloped. Like, what the protagonist is fighting against is ~the regime~ and the villain is just kind of a face for/the embodiment of that regime and so we don’t really get to know them as a person? I feel like the humanisation of the enemy/bringing them down to the same level as the protagonist is an interesting and underused plot device in dystopias. Anyway, I guess I’d have to say Snow? Or Coin, idk we don’t really know either of them and can only judge on the shady shit they do. One of the things I really like about the Hunger Games movies is how they show us more of Snow and behind the scenes of the Capitol dictatorship, which I really think was missing from the books.

10. Least favorite book

MOCKINGJAY OH LORD JESUS SAVE ME FROM THIS HOT ASS YA MESS. I get what she was going for, I really do, but jfc this was just a badly structured book. Frustratingly small in scope, terrible to like half or even more than half the characters - just all over the place, seriously. So much of this series’ world and secondary characters are so poorly developed and just lacking in detail, idk I find it really takes away from my enjoyment of the series.

11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc.

WHERE TO START LITERALLY WHERE TO START. Shoutout to Johanna, Prim, Gale (yes. even Gale) and a trillion others but this one has to go to Finnick and by proxy Annie because like YOU DIDN’T FUCKING NEED TO TAKE THIS ONE SUZANNE AND YOU KNOW IT, I GET IT THE FUTILITY AND SENSELESSNESS OF WAR BUT LIKE YOU ALREADY TOOK ENOUGH FROM THEM like Finnick was prostituted out by the Capitol for YEARS and you implied that Annie was sexually tortured by the Capitol and they were both battling with mental illness and probably ptsd and a whole host of other traumatic shit and they actually carved out a place in the world together where they could be HAPPY but oh no, FInnick has to go get eat by a bunch of rabid ANIMALS like they were messed up enough for it not to be a happy ending which u are so clearly against!!! You suck on the real

12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them.

I am not about stock characters. I am not about Nice Guy assholes who give girls ultimatiums because they feel insecure in their relationships. I am not about personality-less, barely there for two thirds of the series, mainly seen through the memories of the protagonist ‘love interests’ that are meant to bring drama and tension to an already complex and dynamic romantic relationship and thus I am not about Gale Hawthorne, ever, in this life or the next.

13. Plot device used too much


14. Favorite character death scene

I didn’t /enjoy/ it, but I think the most significant/best written death in the series is definitely Rue’s. It hits you right when it’s meant to and is just the most chilling and sobering proof of the brutality of the Games, and you can see how it changes Katniss and how it, in turn, changes the reader. Much more poignant and cleverly crafted than the endless stream of death in Mockingjay (I know, I know, the pointless savagery of war, deaths that serve no purpose, IT WAS STILL A HOT MESS OF A BOOK I WILL STAND BY THIS FOREVER).

15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.


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someone's probably already said this but - asoiaf for the fandom meme

  • 1. Favorite one-off episode of any series.

For the show, my favourite episode is still probably Blackwater - it definitely feels like the most complete episode and i like that it doesn’t jump from location to location. Focusing on King’s Landing gives it a really intense, almost film-like quality imo. For the books, my favourite chapter is probably Sansa’s last in a storm of swords - beautiful imagery, building Winterfell in the snow, revelations about Littlefinger’s long game and the true beginning of Sansa’s transformation from pawn to player. The objective best chapter is probably a tie between the red wedding and cersei ii in adwd. Really unsettling and unforgettable prose.

  • 2. Favorite villain

This is always a hard question to answer for asoiaf because one of the central concepts of this series is - who is a villain? What makes a person villainous? I mean, Cersei’s arc alone is reflective of this - in the first book she’s almost certainly the antagonist, arguably even the main one, but a feast for crows is a book that centers on her perspective in which she sees herself as the hero. Theon is a similar pov that shifts and changed between antagonism and protagonism. Dany is almost certainly seen as a villain by many in the story, but we only see her world from her perspective so she is the hero to us, see what I mean? I couldn’t choose, I don’t think. Maybe Melisandre? The characters who are almost completely villains - Roose, Ramsay, The Mountain - have no redeeming qualities imo. (Except show!roose. STUPID SEXY ROOSE)

  • 3. Least favorite “main character”

Just gonna throw it out there - don’t really give a shit about Robb. And like, I really feel like we’re not supposed to? The series is about the grey areas and the people who are marginalized in society and their stories and Robb has pretty much every privilege you can get in Westeros (like Ned did) and so he had to go. And like I really have always seen him as an accessory to Catelyn’s story - he dies so her arc can complete and she can become Lady Stoneheart. I think that shows with how got tried to flesh Robb out and failed completely.

  • 4. Favorite “sidekick”

Hmmm… maybe Podrick? He’s pretty sweet and genuine, and I like him as a side character in both Tyrion and Brienne’s stories. I also really like the Dothraki crew and I hope we see more of them in books to come (fuck the show on the real for what it did to them tbh). also AREO HOTAH I LOVE EVERYONE IN DORNE SO MUCH

  • 5. Character you love to hate.

Tywin for sure. Like even if you use the defence (and ive seen a lot of people do this) that the majority of his actions are just strategy, he fucked up his kids big time and thus he is the worst. But its like OH MY GOD DANNY DEVITO I LOVE YOUR WORK because he’s that kind of fantastically evil character that masterminds shit like the red wedding and u gotta give him mad props for that. He’s one of the few characters who the show has made me enjoy even more, probably because Charles Dance plays him so amazingly. He’s like, so cold and deadly in every scene he’s in even when he’s saying like ‘prepare my horse’ HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS ABOUT TO MURDER SOMEONE IT’S SO GREAT YOU’RE SO EVIL

  • 6. Favorite friendship

I really, really love Jaime and Brienne’s relationship. I don’t ~ship them (u dont mess with no valonqar business tbh), but their road trip hijinks are THE BEST and i love how they go from animosity to grudging team work to YEAH MAN ILL GIVE YOU THIS SWORD MY DAD MADE ME BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE A BFF NECKLACE. And I really like how the concepts of masculinity/femininity and conventional/unconventional beauty play into their dynamic, and into the greater Catelyn/Brienne/Jaime/Cersei square.

  • 7. Friendship that never felt real to you.

Margaery and Sansa, over here

  • 8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character

…Not really many of these in Westeros, lmao. I guess Jaime??? I mean a lot of people like Tyrion for his humor, and fair enough, but I think Jaime’s is just a bit more biting and I like that edge of nastiness lmao. The scene in (i think) Clash of Kings when Catelyn confronts him is SO INTENSE and like their wordplay/throwing jibes is so vicious and awesome, I was really sad when they changed that in the show because in the books it was the first time we had really seen/heard from Jaime and not just hearsay/him throwing a kid out a window and idk it influenced my opinion of him a lot when I first read it. I have many feelings about Jaime Lannister middle child fuckup tragedy magnet LETS TALK ABOUT IT (also i really loved how they clearly said he was dyslexic on the show. very rare props D&D)

  • 9. Least favorite villain

Tie between Ramsay and the Mountain, with Ramsay probably just winning out because we actually have to read all the vile shit he does instead of just hearing about it like with Gregor. I don’t have any love for Walder Frey or his ilk either but like, read the Reek chapters in ADWD and then we can go group vomit together jesus christ. Also I’m not sure but i’m pretttty sure i’m reading the subtext right and euron abused aeron when they were kids and that fucker has got to go, all the way to the drowned god, do not pass go do not collect $200

  • 10. Least favorite season long storyline

You know, they’re DEAD and i still dont get the point of robb/talisa. like, where were they tryna go with that? If they had made her a lannister spy (!!) or like, vaguely interesting at all i would understand, but they didn’t and then they stabbed her in the baby and it was like bye? I guess? I dont know why they couldn’t have just had jeyne westerling but oh well. and like lmao wooow did u fuck up rull bad with season 2 dany’s story like it was literally just a whole season of ‘WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS’ i don’t know dany!! i dont know where they are!

As for the books, GET DANY THE FUCK TO WESTEROS. Her ghis/mereen arc is a fucking hot ass mess and i thank jesus she’s back in the dothraki sea because according to quaithe’s prophecy she’s gotta go like up, down, forward, back, do the shuffle whatever AND go to asshai before she even GETS to westeros and it makes me tired just thinking about it t b h

  • 11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc.

My feelings about dany are really complicated because I really like her as a character, and I like her personal arc - her story in the first book is hands down the best metamorphosis is the series yet (i have a feeling sansa’s will be better when it’s complete, but that’s a different story). But there are so many issues that come up during her story - in all of the essos plots, really - and it sours me a little on her arc as a whole? Like I said, get her to westeros, get her MOVING, don’t let her be this stagnant character sticking her head in places it doesn’t belong and bringing her gross colonialism analogies with her. Other than that, would have to say Shae. One of the rare characters I think grrm didn’t handle well at all,  and i’m worried about how the show will handle her, especially as they’ve expanded on her character and given her the awesome friendship with sansa.

  • 12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them.

Oh, Theon. I’m so conflicted about Theon because on one hand, I really don’t like him. Like, just straight up irritated me from the first mention didn’t like him and I thought that would stay the same and then adwd happened and it’s like. I can’t tell if i like him or i just feel bad for him? and like i know that’s what grrm is going for, grey morality and all that, but yEAH I JUST DON’T KNOW

  • 13. Plot device used too much

Definitely the sexpoisiton on the show. Having long backstory monologues is not made better or more interesting if someone is having sex at the same time THIS LESSON YOU MUST LEARN. For the books it’s more difficult because so much of what grrm does is take standard epic/high fantasy ttropes and devices and deconstruct them or flip them on their head so I don’t feel like he really overuses anything??? That   being said pretty much every main character has had some horrific violation/trauma happen to them and its like ENOUGH DEAR GOD ENOUGH

  • 14. Favorite character death scene

I feel like the red wedding is the obvious answer and like i can appreciate it on like, a pure literary level but actually reading it made me feel really sick lmao. I think Tywin’s death was really awesome and cathartic in a complete Greek Tragedy sort of way, and the ‘IT TURNED OUT IN THE END, TYWIN LANNISTER DID NOT SHIT GOLD’ was so good omg ITS LIKE RAAAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY

  • 15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.


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teen wolf for the fandom meme!

1. Favorite one-off episode

hmm… I really loved ‘Party Guessed’, I thought it was a really clever insight into the character’s minds and their insecurities. The b-plot in the episode uses derek’s pack pretty well too and i like how the episode focuses on the core cast/main kids specifically. i also really loved 1x11, the formal episode - like i remember watching thaat wayyy back when it first aired and it was like PETER IS THE ALPHA? PETER IS THE ALPHA! OH GOD LYDIA???? OH GOD SCOTT AND ALLISON OH GODDDDDD and like THAT REVEAL, allison in the bus scott on the cars chris screaming HER HORRIFIED FACE EVERTHING HAPPENING IN THIS SICKENING SLOW MOTION it was AWESOME and tbh that two part finale is still the best this show has ever done 

2. Favorite villain

Ugh I DONT KNOW. the nogitsune? victoria argent? definitely NOT gerard, peter or deucalion. i feel like the kanima arc was the best written of the villains (though i have no love for matt), but the nogitsune and victoria were probably the most compelling, for me. I like it when the villains have goals of their own and not just ME ANGRY, ME ATTACK BEACON HILLS HOSPITAL, you know? Also i still dont understand why they didnt just make kali the alpha of the alpha pack and have jennifer be their emissary, it makes SO much more sense and the actual flow of the storyline would not be impacted at all except for the removal of basic bitch DEMON WOOOOOLD deucalion. why, jeff davis/?? why so many things.

3. Least favorite “main character”

This is one of the rare shows where I actually like all of the main characters. The one I like LEAST (excluding peter, who i dont think of as a “main” character) is probably derek, and even then only because THE SHOW DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIM. Like i don’t think I have seen a less consistent character in my LIFE - he’s here, he’s there, he’s an alpha wait no he’s not, his family is alive no theyre not wait some are wait theyre gone, he hates scott he loves scott he owns a loft with no furniture that people seem to use solely for raves and supernatural showdowns? like DECIDE HIS ROLE IN THE SHOW PLEASE JESUS. And I would really love for them to address the body autonomy issues around Derek’s character because he is just used time and time again, against his will, buy other people and it’s really fucked up? I also feel like there are a lot of parallels between him and Lydia and I’d like for that to be explored (along with pretty much every other lydia relationship, actually).

4. Favorite “sidekick” 

Dont think this is really a ‘sidekick’ show? Like the obvious answer is Stiles but his role as a deuteragonist has been pretty throroughly explored and deconstucted in the show (not to mentioni making a bigger role for Dylan because he’s obviously got the acting chops to carry intense scenes/arcs). I guess I would say Danny? He’s pretty consistently awesome no matter what and the show would be very smart to make an even bigger role for him than they already have. Also his relationship with Jackson was pretty great and i miss it.

5. Character you love to hate. 

Im gonna say Kate Argent. Like I think she’s terrible, what she did to Derek and the Hales is terrible, but as a villain she is FASCINATING and like there is so much behind her character - pretty explicitly male archetype villain that’s combined with a femme fatale and bundled up in a zealot with obvious parental issues who was indoctrinated into a warrior sect she was expected to LEAD pretty much from birth. If the show actually does it right and starts pulling at these things now that she’s back (i can’t stand gerard but oh my god GIVE ME KATE/GERARD SCENES PLEASE WEREWOLF JESUS PLEASE. what is their dynamic like? does he manipulate her like he did allison? Exactly how toxic was it Growning Up Argent?) I have really high hopes for season 4, 

6. Favorite friendship

Even though it really smacks of ‘these are our two female leads, let’s make them best friends BECAUSE’, i really loved allison and lydia’s friendship. The support and genuine affection between them was really nice to see and I’ll miss it a lot tbh. The other obvious one is Scott and Stiles, and I really like their friendship too - it defintely had remained the centrepoint of the show, in my mind.

7. Friendship that never felt real to you. 

ok we all remember the fucking weird jackson/allison vibes right? like there was that one episode where he ~got close to her just to piss scott off but like, i always felt there was more to it on his side but i couldnt tell if it was like I LIKE YOU or IM GONNA TOY WITH YOU PSYCHOLOGICALLY and it still creeps me out to this day what the hell jackson

8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character 

There’s not really anyone besides Stiles? But like I do love him, regardless. I would hope that the show is going to explore the fallout from him being, you know, possessed and psychologically tormented to the point of suicidal ideation but this is teen wolf i’m sure they’re not going to, thanks jeff

9. Least favorite villain 

DEUCALION/GERARD TAG TEAM i just don’t give a fucking shit about power hungry white dude stock villains and I never will, be better than this show you can do so much better

10. Least favorite season long storyline

Taking 3a and 3b as separate, the Alpha Pack for sure. HOTTEST MESS I HAVE EVER SEEN, pointless characters introduced and then killed off like an episode later and yet still somehow the cast was bloated, the core kids floudnering/not doing plot relevant stuff for SO MANY episodes, shakey as hell arc that could’ve been so much better (see: remove deucalion, make jennifer emissary for the alpha pack), THE TRASH HOT MESS THAT WAS THE FLASHBACK EPISODE, i could go on

11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc. 

How to pick? Allison was done so wrong and that’s still smarting, but probably the most glaringly obvious to me is Lydia. This show hardly EVER does right by her and it’s so frustrating because she is an aamzing character and there is so much to explore through her and her role in the show. Let’s have her exploring the extent of her powers, claiming them for HERSELF? Let’s have a proper addressing of the way Peter violated her and not have it just brushed off as comedy? Let’s have a proper storyline for her and not just use her as a plot device for whatever crisis of the week is happening? SHE IS A FANTASTIC CHARACTER, WORK HARDER TO DESERVE HER, SHOW.

12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them. 

I don’t try to like him but - Gerard. Awful, awful, awful. And no matter how much the SHOW wants me to like him, I ain’t about that Peter Hale life, He is not nearly as funny or as clever as Jeff Davis thinks he is and the only way I want him to be a part of the endgame is so that Scott and Lydia can joint unmake him (SCOTT/LYDIA PARALLEL CREATION BECOMING ARCS, TALK TO ME ABOUT IT I HAVE MANY THOUGHTS) and kill him so thoroughly that he actually stays dead. Make it happen.

13. Plot device used too much


14. Best character death scene

Oooh, I don’t know. Maybe Victoria? Not because it was GOOD, I didn’t /want/ her to die, but I’m about that fucked up emotional devastation and chris DID THE DIRTY HIMSELF JUST AS HER EYES WENT YELLOW IT MUCH SO MUCH FRIENDS IT WAS A LOT. And like, that hospital scene straight after. Harrowing - the most emotional scene the show’s ever done, imo. (Closely followed by THAT motel califoria scene. you know.)

15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.

lmao this is the teen wolf theme didn’t you know? But I will go with JACKSON. Oh Jackson. I am convinced that Jeff had big plans for Jackson - you don’t start that kind of setup in season ONE for it to end with a giant lizard plotline and that’s just real. In fact I’m surprised that they didnt just recast him? And I feel like the show would be better for it, idk. There was a lot of unexplored potential there. (Also, I would’ve really liked an explanation as to why his eyes were blue? LLike yeah he killed people as the kanima but he wasn’t actually IN CONTROL OF HIS BODY and it just screams of victim blaming iT STILL BOTHERS ME)

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what do you have against chris martin

absolutely nothing

and i’m very sorry his marriage didn’t work out

it’s just like, things are so complicated, you know? it’s such a shame for them to part. nobody said it was easy, but like - nobody said it would be this hard? i wish we could just, like, go back to start

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