why do you like dc more than marvel?

I really think it’s just a personal preference thing. Like I grew up on the DCAU (and like, if you haven’t watched justice league/jlu, YOU NEED TO) and the characters and stories interested me so I started reading DC comics and I got invested in the characters in a way I could never really do for marvel?

I love how the DC world is different to ours and how different places (Gotham, Central City, Metropolis) have a history and character of their that’s just as much a part of the story as the hero is. I love the interactions and relationships between the extended families and supporting cast of most of the comics, especially the batfam. DC for me is just like… I don’t know, familiar? It’s like meeting up with an old friend, just something you can always go back to and start up again like you never left. 

Like, let’s not front - it’s comics, it’s all a cesspit. Neither company is better than the other (though marvel fans seem to have a lot more trouble acknowledging the company’s problems??? Don’t front and talk about how there isn’t a wonder woman movie when marvel has four chrises and only one female main character who isn’t a love interest, and even that’s arguable).

A lot of marvel heroes, for me, just seem like different versions of DC heroes and I just… like the DC ones better lmao. I do have a fondness for x-men and spiderman though, they’re the only marvel canons i read regularly, and i like a few ships in other stories (MEDUSA/BLACK BOLLLT).