April 2014

Anonymous asked

Who are your favourite real-life historical couples? I remember you mentioning Victoria and Albert quite a while ago, and wondered if there's any more that you love.

  • I fluctuate between them all the time but both cartimandua/venutius and carti/vellocatus are the GREATEST like one is this hecked up political maneuvering mess of a marriage where she’s the queen and HE’S THE CONSORT and he objects to her style of rule and she is just completely ruthless to him and exiles him and theyre more enemies than anything BUT THEY’RE STILL MARRIEDS so great AND THEN THERE’S VELLOCATUS who was Venutius’ BEST FRIEND but also in love with his wife AND SHE LOVED HIM BACK AND THEY ACTUALLY HOOKED UP and shE MADE HIM /KING/ and even the romans were like ‘woah shit man this chick has cajones’ (actual quote from Tacitus: ‘Cartimandua’s husband was favoured by the sentiments of all the citizens; the adulterer was supported by the queen’s passion for him and by her own savage spirit’ FUCK SHIT FUCCCCKK SHEEEIIIT) so yeah i couldn’t choose lmao
  • TEMUJIN AND BORTE THE OTP OH MY GOD okay so like BORTE IS ACTUALLY TOTALLY THE REASON TEMUJIN EVEN BECAME GENGHIS KHAN IN THE FIRST PLACE because like they got married at like 16 but then borte was abducted by this other tribe and temujin loved her hella much so he like banded all these previously bickering tribes together TO GO AND SAVE HER she’s the reason he started uniting the mongols in the first place!!! and she fell pregnant while in captivity and temujin CLAIMED THE SON AS HIS OWN and he had like heaps of wives and stuff BUT BORTE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS ALLOWED TO BE CALLED /QUEEN/ and when he was off leading the horde SHE RULED IN MONGOLIA!! AND SHE WAS ONE OF HIS MOST TRUSTED ADVISORS AND ONLY BORTE’S SONS WERE ALLOWED TO INHERIT THE THRONE WHEN TEMUJIN DIED IT’S A LOT THEY’RE A LOT I LOVE THEM
  • BESS AND HERNY MY HEART IS SET ON A LUSTY PIN OH MY GOD believe no pgregory lies THEY LOVED EACH OTHER SO MUCH SO MUCHHH they’re pretty much the epitome of the ~reluctant marrieds gradually falling in love trope (though i like to think henry kinda had a thing from day 1 YOU KNOW HE DID) and i love how they were a true partnership who loved and supported one another and like THEY ARE THE LITERAL EMBODIMENT OF THE RED AND WHITE ROSES COMING TOGETHER THEIR MARRIAGE ENDED A WAR AND SAVED A KINGDOM THAT THEY REBUILT /TOGETHER/ BYE
  • idk if we’re counting them as historical but FRANK SINATRA/AVA GARDNER THE PAIN IS FUCKING REAL man they loved each other a LOT like frank had a statue of ava IN HIS BACKYARD. AND HIS THIRD WIFE TOLD HIM TO TEAR IT DOWN BUT HE DIDN’T WANT TO AND AVA WAS LIKE ‘BABE U GOTTA TEAR IT DOWN’ SO HE DID BUT MANNN and like his BEST most fucked up heartbreaking album is about her its so fucking tragic like THEY WERE THE LOVES OF EACH OTHER’S LIVES GOD DAMMIT
  • JUSTINIAN AND THEODORA byzantine babies she was just a commoner but they were TRUE EQUALS AND THEY LOVED EACH OTHER SO MUCH and ok let’s be real he loved her more i love dudes who are like stupidly into their ladies lmao and ok like THE AGIA SOPHIA IS STILL AROUND /TODAY/ and i know its not like a taj mahal~ kind of testament to their love but still THEY WERE EPIC OKAY

Theres heaps of others lmao like who doesnt love some naopleon/josephine or a lil jodhaa/akbar am i right 

April 2014

Anonymous asked

Thoughts on the latest GoT?

  • SANSAAAAAAA her storyline is my favourite and im excited that it’s really getting underway! Loved the montage of escaping the city and her looking back one last time - that hesitation of ‘what if what i’m heading to is even worse?’ shows how much she’s grown imo. and then we finally reach Littlefinger aboard the HMS Creepy Uncle where what is sure to be a seasons long relationship of innappropriate innuendos and teachings on the art of killing plebs begins~
  • Are they tryna play like Margaery doesn’t know what happened to Joffrey? I thought her and Olenna’s interaction was a little weird, tbh. And I love Margaery so
  • I swear to god if Charles Dance wasn’t slayin it dead as Tywin I would fall asleep in his ominous monologues like. WE GET IT HE’S A POWER PLAYER EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH IS DRIPPING IN THREATS DONT SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT I GET IT and poor cersei having to listen to what is obviously the Casterly Rock Pre Game Pep Talk for like, the hundredth time (clear eyes!!! malicious hearts!! can’t lose OR I’LL KILL YOU)
  • Tommen is a baller
  • I feel like everything that can be said about that Jaime/Cersei scene has been said but like, wow. At this point it honestly does seem like HBO is determined to fill a sexual violence quotient and it’s really gone beyond the pale, to the point where it’s souring me a little on the whole show. are they really thinking through what the implication of scenes like this is for the characters and their arcs?? I truly don’t see how someone could watch that scene, the way it was framed, the way it was filmed, and say it was ‘consensual’.
  • The Grim Adventures of Arya and Hound continue, this time featuring pious unfortunate peasants WHAT FUN. The Hound is actually one of my fave male characters in the series (i love him as a deconstruction of so many standard fantasy/fairy tale tropes) so i’m enjoying this overload of him before he all but vanishes from the story. Liked the setup of Braavos and Arya taking on a ‘persona’ in front of the man and his daughter - all on point for her story. I get them trying to flesh out her stay in Westeros for as long as possible so im good tbh
  • Oh man sam I FEEL LIKE THIS SAM SCENE WENT FOR LIKE TWENTY MINUTES IT WAS HELLA BORING SORRY NOT SORRY and like again, here is the weird rape culture emphasis - like yes, we understand, Westeros is not a good place for women. But the show just seems to want to constantly shove it down our throats and it is getting REALLY OLD. STEP YOUR GAME UP GUYS. I dont really care about anything else here lmao - we saw Mole’s Town and that was cool??? i guess??? it was kind of awful what do you expect lmao
  • EYY STANNIS im always surprised and pleased when they include Dragonstone scenes lmao. Again good build up here (though a weird lack of Melisandre? don’t think she’d be letting Davos counsel Stannis without being there to inject FIRE IS THE PUREST DEATH every once in a while), Davos and Shireen are so cuuuute writing their lil pen pal letters
  • CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS TRIAL IS GOING TO GO ON FOR LIKE FIVE FUCKING EPISODE JESUS CHRIST just do everyone a favour and bring some affc/adwd stuff forward, honestly. The Tyrion/Pod scene was good i suppose, i like their friendship but it’s one of those D&D write-ins that’s meant to make tyrion look like The One Good Dude in Westeros, which i think isn’t needed for his character and really simplifies his complex role in the story, but i mean i get it for the show purposes i’ll survive~
  • OBERYN THIS SEASON MVP EVERY SEASON MVP THE GREATEST OF ALL GREATS and him/ellaria otp like goDDAMN (im surprised they havent mentioned their children??? i’ve a feeling theyve written them out a la willas). TYWIN/OBERYN SHOWDOWNS ARE LEGIT i hope they incorporate the oberyn poisoned tywin theory because like omg i would DIE also i find it hilarious that tywin actually went down to a whorehouse for a meeting OBERYN IS SO IMPORTANT EVEN TYWIN COME RUNNIN
  • Tywin is the most practical dude I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT HE WOULD CONSIDER HOKEY RUMORS ABOUT DRAGONS AS LEGIT and if he did WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT IN FRONT OF OBERYN. OBERYN OF HOUSE MARTELL. HOUSE MARTELL WHO HAS A LONG STANDING NEVER RESCINDED ALLIANCE WITH THE TARGARYENS ‘oh hey oberyn your sister in law is probs comin back to westeros and btw shes bringing three flying nuclear weapons no biggie lmao so wanna be allies?’ SURE.
  • the creepy cannibal wildlings are so creepy
  • OH AND i like how they specifically showed the kid noticing ygritte just so they can have an upcoming scene where he’s like ‘hey jon snow i saw your girlfriend shes the WORST’ so jon can look sadly into the distance and emote
  • JON IN A LEADERSHIP ROLE JON’S OPINION CARRYING WEIGHT THE NIGHT’S WATCH SHUTTING UP TO HEAR HIM TALK jon not taking the ~noble option jon making a call based on necessity and not honor ROBB STARK WOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT. THIS IS THE KIND OF CHARACTER GROWTH I LOVE TO SEE AND THAT IS THE BEST PART OF JON’S ARC and im kind of excited for this craster’s keep stuff tbh i just want more jon im not sorry
  • oh dany. oh dany’s scenes and their uncomfortable colonialism implications LET’S FOCUS ON OTHER STUFF LIKE I WISH THE SHOW WOULD daario is hot and i would do him THAT WINK LMAO BYE and i also love how dany was like ‘yeah whatever you’re expendable’ AND THEN WAS MAKIN THE HEART EYES EMOJI BEHIND HIS BACK IT’S SUCH A GENERIC FUCKING ROMANCE PLOT BUT HEY A GIRL’S GOTTA HAVE A CONCUBINE also hizdar zo loraq more like hizdAMN am i right he’s so banging i hope all of meereen is this bangin let’s just have two and a half seasons in the city full of hottie music video back up dancers im feelin it

April 2014

biblical otps - Ahasuerus (Xerxes) and Esther

Esther was an Israelite girl who would become the queen consort of Persian Emperor Ahasuerus (often assimilated with Persian ruler Xerxes). Esther, an orphan who had been raised being raised by her uncle Mordecai, was chosen by the emperor to be his queen for her fair beauty and humble nature.

Esther’s most famous trial as queen would occur when Haman, a member of royal court, convinced the Emperor to order the death of all Israelites in the Empire. Encouraged by her uncle to petition her husband, Esther hesitated out of fear for her own life but eventually approached the Emperor.

When the king saw “Esther the queen standing in the court”, he was pleased with her and held out his scepter to her, thus saving her from death and indicating that he accepted her visit. She came forward and touched his scepter. The king then asked Esther her will, and what her petition and request of him was, promising to grant even up to half his kingdom should she ask it. Esther pleaded her case and, although the Emperor could not overturn what he had previously made into law, he decreed a new law that stated the Israelites could arm themselves and fight back should anyone attack them.

April 2014

biblical otps - David and Johnathan

David and Jonathan were heroic figures of the ancient Kingdom of Israel, whose friendship is one of the most famous in the Biblical canon. Jonathan was the son of Saul, king of Israel, and David was the son of Jesse of Bethlehem, Jonathan’s presumed rival for the crown.

After David slays Goliath at the Valley of Elah, he is brought before King Saul, whilst still holding Goliath’s severed head. Here he meets Jonathan, who takes an immediate liking to David and the two form a covenant:

"Now it came about when he had finished speaking to Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as himself. Saul took him that day and did not let him return to his father’s house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself."

David would later become King of Israel, and Johnathan would serve faithfully at his side until his death.

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